Via Alta Kitchen Studio

A beautiful and modern space, the Via Alta Kitchen Studio is located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. It provides a space to film and photograph a number of Via Alta Productions’ projects, including our biweekly Cin Cin and "Yumbang Oh Yeah" series on A concept built of smart custom design and quality materials and appliances, the kitchen features advanced functionality, simple sophistication and minimalist versatility that allows the style and tone of shoots to be easily adaptive, depending on the project. The kitchen studio takes Via Alta to the next level by creating a steady flow of both in-house projects and other culinary and lifestyle productions.


  The studio is generously furnished by:

  Manhattan Center for Kitchen & Bath




Take a Tour of the Via Alta Studio Kitchen!

To christen the Via Alta Studio Kitchen space back in 2015, Babbo pastry chef Rebecca DeAngelis whipped up a special olive oil & blood orange cake.